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Motherfunk EP Launch

Sydney six-piece Motherfunk are releasing their delicious debut EP 'Breakfast' on February 2nd. To celebrate this, they are going on an east coast tour and bringing the funk to Melbourne, starting on Friday Feb 23rd at Woody's Bar. Supporting the show will be local heroes Ogopogo & King River Rising so best believe we're going to boogie all night! Tickets are only $10 so hop on the pre-sales before it's too late

Check out Motherfunk’s debut single ‘Grandpa Groove’ as well as Ogopogo & King River Rising below:

Motherfunk: https://www.facebook.com/motherfunkofficial
Grandpa Groove: https://soundcloud.com/motherfunksydney/grandpa-groove
Ogopogo: https://www.facebook.com/ogopogoband/
Ogopogo EP: https://ogopogomelbs.bandcamp.com/releases

Lucid EP: https://soundcloud.com/king_river_rising/sets/lucid-ep

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8:00 PM20:00

JB tape launch w/ Biscotti, Louise Terra, Steph Brett, R1250&boc

It's the Jeannie Brown mixtape launch! Biscotti wrote a song about our friend Jeannie Brown, and I thought that was such a good idea that I wrote one with Richie1250 & The Brides Of Christ too. Now Louise Terraand Steph Brett of Sugar Fed Leopards / Empat Lima / The Rebelles have written songs about her too, and thus we have the Jeannie Brown Mixtape, with each of us contributing our Jeannie Brown song plus a little 15min DJ mix flowing out of it. And thus, we are having a gig at Woody's Bar to perform our JB songs and hook you up with the mixtape. We look forward to seeing you (and hopefully Jeannie Brown) there x

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8:00 PM20:00

Tony Dork (Single Launch) , with Rayza, gee Seas, Dewey and the panel beaters , & eye seaweed

Ever see one those gigs and think to yourself 'Hey, that band shouldn't be headlining?!'.. This is that gig!!

We decided to throw a party because we put out a new song and video finally and have somehow convinced a bunch of rippa bands to join us. 

RAYZA - No not Jamie's dad. Even better riffs. 

Gee Seas - Songs straight from the sewers. 

Dewey And The Panel Beaters - Hailing from Ballarat. Might fix ya car. Will definitely steal ya wallet. 

Eye Seaweed - Recently escaped Juvi just for this show. 

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